Why fuel cards

If you’re new to fuel cards, chances are you’ve been keeping your fleet on the road using cash, reimbursing driver expenses, company credit cards or a mixture of all three. This is highly inefficient and opens your business up to fraud.

Here are five why you should switch to a corporate fuel card today:

  1. Enjoy great savings on pump prices
  2. Receive powerful online management tools that provide you with crucial business information
  3. Access in-depth reporting that allows you to identify areas of inefficiency in your fleet
  4. Reduce admin and paperwork with single invoicing for all your fuel purchases ensuring efficient fuel management
  5. Reclaim fuel VAT easily with HMRC-approved invoices – this means you no longer have to hold onto hundreds of fuel receipts from all your drivers.

As well as efficiency and cost savings, fuel cards also offer peace of mind with a host of security features and benefits:

  1. Eliminate driver fraud by making  false expenses submissions impossible
  2. Protect your drivers from carrying large amounts of cash and instead carry secure fuel cards
  3. Insure against fuel card theft if cards are lost or stolen with PIN protection
  4. Set spending limits to keep on top of fuel budgets
  5. Match fuel cards to specific vehicle or drivers to protect against fraud AND identify areas of fuel inefficiency.