Fuel Cards for European Use

Fuel cards for EuropeInternational Solutions for Global Businesses

When operating a fleet outside the UK, it’s even more important that your drivers have the security of an extensive network and flexible fuel card offering as provided by UK Fuels’ international fuel card solutions.

Our international cards can be used to pay for tolls and Eurovignettes on all major roads, reducing the need for drivers to carry cash and ensuring journeys run as smoothly as possible wherever in the world your fleet operates.

Our extensive European network covers most major trunk roads and key border crossings, spanning a range of branded sites. Plus, your vehicles will never be left with empty tanks thanks to our e-route site locator which can be accessed on both mobile and tablet devices, as well as offering handy SatNav downloads.

EDC Fuel Card
With it you will have access to an ever-expanding network of more than 9,000 sites across 21 countries, if you need a single fuel card for use across the UK and Europe, the European Diesel Card (EDC) is the option for you
  • Extensive network of over 9,000 filling stations across 21 countries in Europe and the UK
  • Enjoy the most competitive international diesel pricing of all the major fuel cards
  • Manage your account online via the market leading Velocity system
  • Optional extras include European VAT recovery and Toll Road Service
DCI Fuel Card
If your fleet is operating across Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland then the DCI Card is the fuel card for you. It provides access to the largest network of filling stations in Ireland and also boasts some of the most competitive fuel prices around, changing twice weekly in line with the oil market.
  • Ireland’s leading business fuel card
  • Ease of use across over 1450 Irish service stations
  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient fuel management online
Esso Europe Fuel Card
A comprehensive solution for fleets operating across Europe, with an extensive network of more than 6,900 refuelling sites in Europe.
  • Access to over 6,900 sites across Europe
  • Competitive pricing on all fuel spend
  • Use the card on all major toll roads and Eurovignettes
  • Manage your account online via the market leading Velocity system