About us

100,000+ customers across the UK

33 years’ experience in the fuel card business

4 offices in Crewe, Ipswich, York and Glasgow

3,700+ fuelling stations in the UK

Company History

UK Fuels is based in Crewe. Despite being a global multi-industry business, it is still very proud to be a British company.

Founded in 1990

UK Fuels was established in 1990 by Bill Holmes. He wanted to create a more efficient way for fleet operators to buy their fuel and process their expenses, and to bring fleet operators in the north of England the price benefits of bulk diesel purchasing.

Grown into Radius, a global company with a million card users

As UK Fuels expanded during the 90s, it opened offices in Ireland and then across Europe. After 30 years of natural growth and acquisitions, UK Fuels is now at the heart of a global company called Radius, which supports over 350,000 businesses with fleet, mobility, and connectivity solutions.

Access to over 86% of UK fuel stations

Our own UK Fuels network includes over 3,700 stations covering 97% of UK postcode areas, and our longstanding relationships with major brands like Texaco, Shell, BP, and Esso give you access to a further 3,500 stations. We also enable you to fill up at major supermarkets Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op.

Technology that helps businesses grow

UK Fuels places great value on staying ahead of competitors when it comes to technology. The emphasis is on keeping its Radius Velocity fleet management software easy to use, no matter how much functionality it offers or how detailed the insight reports it provides.

The company partners with the University of Manchester to keep its information technology centre staffed with the best of emerging British IT talent. For more information on the graduate programme and recruitment across the company, visit the careers website.

Complementary services for businesses with vehicle fleets

As well as fuel cards, Radius provides a range of solutions to help you and your business grow.

Electric Vehicle Charging – on the road hybrid and electric charge cards, as well as charging point solutions for home and business use. Find out more.

Expense management – helps smaller vehicle fleets manage their drivers’ purchases of fuel and other work expenses. Our Velos charge cards are backed by Mastercard and accepted worldwide. Find out more.

Telematics – user friendly software that helps businesses track 550,000 vehicles worldwide. Vehicle hardware ranges from easy to self-install devices through to complex fitted fleet tracking and camera equipment. Find out more.

Telecoms – over 30 years’ experience providing sophisticated solutions to major UK financial clients as well as simpler mobile, fixed and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products to companies of all sizes. Find out more.

Insurance – over 60 years’ UK experience in the full range of insurance products, with experts in bespoke policies for business assets and vehicle fleets. Claims handlers with industry and risk-management knowledge protect customers’ interests at every step. Find out more.

Vehicles – offers a wide range of leasing and hire of business vehicles. Find out more.