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UK Fuels is the approved partner for your public sector organisation

UK Fuels is an approved supplier under the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework RM6000. Our products, prices and processes have been assessed and found to meet the high standards required to service the UK’s public sector.

We can help you monitor fuel expenditure and take steps to reduce it through identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. Our public sector services include

  • a cost-saving government scheme with dedicated public sector pricing,
  • dedicated specialist public sector account experts, and
  • flexible payment terms via weekly invoicing or monthly Bacs.


Velocity for processing your fuel expenses and downloading invoices

Our Velocity online account management platform simplifies your admin and bookkeeping.

  • Each purchase shows up in real time. You can filter all the purchases by driver, vehicle or card so that you know how your weekly invoice will look before it even arrives.
  • All fuel purchases made using our cards are listed on a single invoice, which reduces administration work.
  • You can cancel lost cards quickly and easily.
  • Access all your invoices and download purchase and invoice breakdowns in csv format which is compatible with Excel.
  • Drivers no longer have to keep their fuel receipts, estimate fuel they have used based on journey mileage, or log cash amounts in a separate software system. Everything is calculated for them when they buy with a UK Fuels card.

UK Fuels - E Route Locator

E-route mobile app to find fuelling stations anywhere in the UK

Our e-route map online shows every filling station. The e-route app for Apple or Android phones and all types of tablet is the perfect tool for your divers to find their nearest station while on the road. 

Fuel pricing

Price Icon UK Fuels supports all Public Sector organisations through our inclusion on the Crown Commercial Service agreement (RM6000 – Fuel Cards and Associated Services). Our competitive pricing structure reflects our commitment to enable organisations to make substantial cost savings on their fuel purchases. Our team can provide you with a no-obligation, cost savings review against your current service.


Card Security

Our fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising your risk of fraud if they are lost or stolen. You can allocated each card to a specific driver or vehicle, and impose purchasing restrictions to make sure the cards are used only for employer-related purchases. Velocity gives such a detailed breakdown of card usage that you can easily spot suspicious purchases and investigate them.

The fuelling station network


Our UK Fuels card gives you access to over 3,000 fuelling stations throughout the UK. This includes the leading oil company brands Esso, BP, Shell and Texaco as well as the competitively priced Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op supermarket filling stations.

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