Velos Mastercard corporate charge cards

More control for your business, more freedom for you and your drivers

Velos charge card

The Velos corporate charge card gives your drivers a way to pay for vehicle maintenance, tolls and travel, hotels, food and drink and fuel if you necessary. Designed to be used alongside your fuel card, Velos is the easiest way to manage and control spending on the company account.

The Velos corporate charge card is backed by Mastercard® and accepted worldwide.

The Velos corporate charge card at a glance

  • Check driver spending in real time using the Velocity account management system, which you can use on your computer or as a smartphone app.
  • All purchases can be consolidated with your monthly fuel card spending in a single invoice.
  • Your employees can pay for a range of business expenses including tolls, vehicle maintenance, travel, hotels, food and drink.
  • Control spend categories per card by limiting to fuel stations only or add hotels, food, maintenance and more.
  • Working on the Mastercard network, the Velos card is accepted at 32 million locations worldwide.

The global Mastercard network


Our Velos charge card works through the Mastercard network, meaning it can be used in 32 million stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rental agencies and fuel stations worldwide. No card is accepted in more places or by more merchants.

Card security and usage monitoring

Card Security

All cards are PIN protected and you can cancel them through Velos if you lose a card. Using our Velocity account management system, you can quickly identify unusual or suspicious purchases and take appropriate action. You can allocate cards to specific drivers or vehicles and place individual purchasing restrictions on each card, to reduce the risk of misuse by company drivers.

Clear consolidated invoices

Invoice Icon

Velos makes keeping track of business expenses simple and straightforward. All transactions are listed on a single invoice, so there is no need to gather or log fuel receipts. You can also see purchases grouped by driver, vehicle or card.

If you need more detail, our transaction reports can provide it. Whether you’d like to see purchases grouped by driver, vehicle or card, our online reporting means all it takes is the click of a button.

Reporting is through the Velocity app


You can manage your Velos charge cards through our Velocity app and website.

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