Powered by UK Fuels

In partnership with UK Fuels, COCO+ are proud to offer the COCO+ fuel card to the Vintage Sports-Car Club, one of the largest and best regarded motoring clubs in the world. Apply now

The benefits of using the COCO+ fuel card, powered by UK Fuels, include:

  • Guaranteed discount of 3p per litre off the pump price for standard diesel.
  • Automatically includes carbon offset services provided by COCO+.
  • No contract, account charges or card charges.
  • Online account management using the Velocity app and website.
  • Access to more than 3,700 sites on the UK Fuels network.
  • Unleaded will be charged at the pump price.
  • Diesel purchased at supermarket fuel stations will be charged at the pump price.

Click here to apply for a card and start buying fuel the smarter way

By completing this application form, you consent to UK Fuels providing COCO+ with the relevant data to provide carbon offsetting services. Further information on the processing activities of COCO+ can be found within the COCO+ Privacy Policy here.

COCO+ Offset+ pledge

As part of our service, COCO+ pay to support global climate impact projects to Offset+ your carbon emissions. For us carbon neutral isn’t good enough. That’s why we’ll always do that little bit more, offsetting 101% of your total carbon footprint, at no extra cost. Partnering with Climate Impact Partners, a fellow B Corp, all supported projects are Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Charter.

Choice and convenience

With one of the largest independent fuel station networks in the UK, our fuel cards can be used at over 3,700 fuel stations nationwide, giving you a wide choice of where to fill up.

Saving time and money

With all our fuel cards, you’ll get free access to our online management platform, Velocity. You can easily manage your fuel cards with instant reporting and HMRC compliant invoices, all from either your browser or our handy Velocity smartphone app.

Over 3,700 fuel stations conveniently located across the UK

Guaranteed discount of 3p per litre off the pump price for standard diesel

HMRC Invoices, no need to keep receipts

Online account management via Velocity

Excellent HGV, Truckstop and Motorway access

Flexible credit terms to suit your needs

No contract and no non-usage or service fees

Route Planning via the E-Route application