UK Fuels’ owner Radius now selling its Kinesis telematics products in Australia

Radius, UK Fuels’ parent company, has taken the next exciting step in the growth of its telematics business by launching a new office in Australia.

Based in Melbourne, the new company will offer tracking solutions to the full range of fleet customers across the country. With a highly experienced team on the ground, Kinesis in Australia is ready to provide excellent customer service to complement the portfolio of Kinesis products which are already established as the market leaders in the UK and Europe.

The newly launched operation has already got off to a good start and the staff are looking forward to growing in this exciting market place.

Operating on five continents, UK Fuels’ parent company Radius provides fuel cards, telematics, business telephony, insurance and corporate charge cards. The British-owned company was founded over 30 years ago and is headquartered in Crewe.