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With our all new recyclable Radius Future fuel card, you can offset 100% of the carbon emissions produced by the fuel you purchase using our cards. When you sign up to the programme, you will pay an additional 1p per litre on your fuel invoices, which will be invested in emissions avoidance projects by both Forest Carbon and UK Fuels.

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Who are Forest Carbon?

Radius Payment Solutions, UK Fuels’ parent company, is incredibly proud to have partnered with Forest Carbon, the UK’s leading developer of woodland carbon capture projects audited under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. Thanks to our long-term partnership, Forest Carbon will invest your contributions in its renewable energy projects including wind, hydro, waste-to-energy and solar power in locations such as India, China, Turkey or Guatemala. These projects have been chosen for their ability to achieve immediate carbon neutrality.

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Which products are available?

The recyclable Radius Future fuel card is available on both weekly fixed and pump saver pricing tariffs. It provides access to over 3,500 fuel stations across the UK, more than 850 of which are HGV-accessible. What’s more, you can also use a variety of oil company cards, whilst still paying the additional 1p per litre to offset the carbon your fuel produces. This includes BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco fuel cards.

With your Radius Future account, you will get free access to our online account management platform, Velocity. It shows the information you need to control your fuel costs and driver performance. From spending analytics to spreadsheets for VAT reclaim, Velocity helps you effectively manage your account, all from your browser or smartphone app.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Radius Future is a carbon mitigation programme to enable Radius customers to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the fuel they consume via their fuel cards. It works by supporting a portfolio of certified renewable energy projects around the world.

    Renewables not only prevent CO2 emissions through replacing the burning of fossil fuel for energy, they also significantly improve air quality in host countries.

    Recyclable cards naturally wear down over time, leaving no damaging toxins behind. Degradation occurs around the card’s expiry date, usually after two and a half years depending on the environment. The use of recyclable cards helps companies with ISO14000 compliance and their commitment to the environment.

    Radius Future offers a means to contribute to balancing out the negative effect of the CO2 vehicles produce. Even though vehicles are becoming much more efficient they still emit greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), and there is widespread consensus that these emissions are contributing to climate change.

    According to World Bank data CO2 emissions rose by 260% between 1960 and 2018.

    The projects we support are quality assured under one of the leading global standards – this leads to the creation of carbon credits. Each of these credits represent the verified avoidance of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions, arising from the implementation of renewable energy projects. Radius invests in these credits, and therefore the underlaying projects, on behalf of scheme members.

    Certification under the standards we use means that:

    • Projects are additional; even though they have another source of revenue (the sale of electricity) they were still only viable due to the addition of carbon funding.
    • Carbon savings are based on the best available science, and are monitored and verified.
    • All relevant environmental, social and employment rules are followed.
    • Projects need a sound, long term monitoring and management plan in order to achieve certification.
    • Projects have been subject to independent audit and verification.

    Radius only uses projects certified under standards recommended by the UK government – namely The Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Plan Vivo and the United Nations CDM. Each of those standards operates a public online registry, and all credits arising from our investments in these projects will be retired on the relevant registry.

    We use the UK Government’s Greenhouse Gas Conversion factors to assess accurately the footprint for all the fuel drawn on participating accounts. These factors give the greenhouse gas emissions for lots of different activities and units of consumption, in this case per litre of diesel or petrol used.

    For those interested further information can be found here: Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2021 – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

    For the carbon credits to exist in the first place the project must have been independently audited under one of the recognised global carbon project standards. All credits purchased by Radius on behalf of customers will be retired on the registry of the quality assurance standard used for that project. This retirement is public and visible to all. Once units are retired they cannot be reused, so each tonne of CO2 emitted by a customer will lead to the purchase and retirement of a fresh carbon credit.