US telematics supplier CyntrX joins the UK Fuels family as part of the Radius group

UK Fuels’ parent company Radius has acquired US-based telematics provider CyntrX.

Based in De Pere, Wisconsin, CyntrX enables fleet managers across North America to enhance their fleet capabilities via an intuitive, mobile-friendly telematics platform.

Radius is already a force to be reckoned with in the telematics market. Radius’ telematics division, Kinesis, sells tracking devices and vehicle camera devices which link up with UK Fuels’ fuel card software Velocity. The Velocity app or website provides detailed and easily-analysed intelligence on driver behaviour and fleet performance, integrated with fuel card data.

The acquisition of CyntrX brings the Radius group’s total number of tracked vehicles and assets to 175,000. This makes Radius one of the fastest-growing telematics companies in the world, despite the fact it only entered the telematics market in 2015.

Bill Holmes, Radius CEO, said: “The acquisition of CyntrX brings to life our ambitions in North America, with a like-minded company which has a real focus on developing well supported, user-friendly products for customers.

Through this acquisition, we will be able to leverage our combined knowledge of the telematics sector which presents a great opportunity for us to continue to grow quickly. We were particularly impressed with the comprehensive suite of products and services offered by CyntrX.”

Operating on five continents, UK Fuels’ parent company Radius provides fuel cards, telematics, business telephony, insurance and corporate charge cards. The British-owned company was founded over 30 years ago and is headquartered in Crewe.