We are proud to announce that from the 16th November 2020,
308 Sainsbury’s fuel stations will be joining our network.

UK Fuels has been a market leader for over 30 years, supporting businesses and helping them make smarter decisions about their business fuel.

With the introduction of Sainsbury’s fuel stations to our network, this means UK Fuels customers now have even greater convenience and choice when they fill-up.

Largest independent fuel card network

With over 3,350 fuel stations across the UK, we now have one the largest independent fuel card networks in the country.

This means that with a UK Fuels card, you and your drivers can now fill up where and when it’s convenient, helping maximise time on the road and saving time and money, minimising costly detours trying to find a fuel station.

Low-cost supermarket stations that save you more

Adding Sainsbury’s to the UK Fuels network, now means UK Fuels customers now have access to over 80% of the UK’s supermarket fuel stations.

In addition to the convenience and choice, this means that not only can mileage savings be made, but low-cost fuel is available on the UK Fuels network, from supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Coop.

Over 800 HGV fuel stations across the UK

If you have a fleet of HGV’s you will need access to a range of fuel stations that can you and your drivers can use

With the UK Fuels network, we now have over 800 fuel stations that have HGV facilities.  This means when you are on the road or your drivers are on their scheduled routes, with a UK Fuels card, your drivers can get the best fuel prices and facilities to help them fill up too.

More stations, more choices