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Vehicle tracking made easy for fleets of cars, vans and HGVs

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Using our vehicle tracking system makes fleet management easy.

You can see where all your vehicles are on a map, and where they have been minute-by-minute for the last 30 days. You can set up alerts so you know immediately if drivers brake abruptly, drive too fast or go where they should not. All your vehicle tracking data is presented in Velocity.

Our user-friendly vehicle-tracking system, called Kinesis, can handle and present data outputs from just about any hardware device you could fit to a vehicle or moving asset. This ranges from our highly economical self-installed device called the ‘atom’ to a professionally installed device with an accelerometer, vehicle cameras that transmit HD video and even OBD plug-ins.

Radius Telematics at a glance

  • Monitor vehicle and driver behaviour, performance and efficiency
  • Improve driver safety with full fleet visibility
  • Manage both fuel spend and fleet activity online via the market leading Velocity account management system
  • Increase productivity with enhanced route planning and journey data
  • Identify areas of inefficiency and tackle these with driver training
  • Calculate exact miles-per-gallon figures for all vehicles in your fleet

Reporting through our easy app and website

Access your vehicle tracking data through UK Fuels’ online account management system, Velocity. When you have a UK Fuels fuel card, all the data is combined and easy to read.

Complete journey history

The ‘journey history’ section of Velocity allows you to choose any combination of vehicles and review the journeys they have made over a time period you select. You can view a summary table, look at every journey in detail or run individual reports.

Driver performance data

The vehicle tracking system measures four separate driving criteria: speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and idling. You receive an individual score against each of these four factors for every driver, which is also combined into an overall driver score to make the data more digestible.

Installation is easy

Our lowest cost device, called the atom, is self-installed, while the higher end devices are professionally fitted. Installation is quick and straightforward. A monitoring device is fitted to the vehicle battery and a few simple steps link it to your personal Velocity account. You are then ready to start tracking your fleet.

Information integrated with your fuel card data

The Velocity online account management system combines fuel card and vehicle tracking data in a user-friendly format. It gives you a clear picture of your fleet’s fuel spend and vehicle activity in one app. By putting together fuel card purchases and the actual mileage driven, Velocity can show you the miles per gallon achieved by each driver with no need to import additional data.


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