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One of our specialities is protecting companies with motor vehicle fleets of all kinds. Our unique Kinesis Insurance is Britain’s only truly integrated vehicle tracking fleet insurance product from a single company, which gives you savings that keep growing every year.

Whatever insurance protection you need, no matter how unusual, we can provide it. And when things go wrong, our in-house claims handling team uses 60 years of industry knowledge to fight your corner and make things turn out right.

Insurance at a glance

  • Kinesis Insurance is our unique fleet protection. We provide trackers for your vehicles plus discounted motor fleet insurance.
  • Save today: with our vehicle tracking system you get an immediate discount on your insurance. Save tomorrow: by using our easy tracking system to reduce your fleet’s risk level, you could get even greater insurance discounts at next renewal.
  • Kinesis Insurance gives you a genuine discount on standard fleet insurance with no conditions added and no cover taken away.
  • No matter what your company does, we can protect it. We work with a huge list of 120 different insurers, meaning we can provide you the best cover for the best price, every time. If what you do is unique, we can go to Lloyds of London and have an insurance policy created just for you.
  • We offer personal home, car and life insurance as well. This makes your life a bit simpler, as you can come to the same broker for everything.

The Burley Group provides bespoke insurance for larger companies and complex business activities

The Burley Group is the complex cover company in our insurance division. Seeing and managing risk is our business. We advise you on any small changes you can make to reduce risk in your company’s activities, and then commission the best insurance policies to protect the necessary risks of your business.

Expert help from our claims team

With a dedicated in-house claims handling team, we use 60 years of industry knowledge to get you the best outcome for every claim.

Personal insurance policies as well, to keep life simpler

If we manage your company insurance, we can organise your personal insurance policies as well. This means you can keep your life a little simpler, with just one account manager taking care of everything.

Radius Insurance Solutions helps smaller companies with motor fleets

Radius Insurance Solutions is the fleet-focused company in our insurance division. Our knowledge saves your time. We ask you all the right questions, then use our strong negotiating power with 120 insurers to get you the best protection and prices. We give you legal guarantees as a broker, making sure any insurance you buy from us is always valid and covers absolutely everything you need.

Bespoke insurance for your businesses

We evaluate your business risks, advise you on small changes that can reduce your potential liability, and provide the cover to protect your business. Whether you need standard or specially written policies, our fact finding is more thorough than some other brokers. This gives us a quote advantage, meaning we can seek higher quality quotes and get you the best cover for the best price. Some of our most popular covers include plant and construction insurance, health and safety cover, and warehousing insurance.

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