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BP Fleet

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Keeping your fleet on the road

Enjoy access to a huge network of 1,200 BP filling station plus a further 1,200 other branded networks with the BP Fleet fuel card. Plus, whether at an in town forecourt or a premium motorway service station, you pay just one price at every BP station meaning even bigger savings.

The BP Fleet fuel card, at a glance

  • Enjoy access to 1,200 BP filling stations with extensive Motorway and A road coverage
  • Further access to 1,200 Texaco and Gulf filling stations
  • Pay just one price at every BP station for great savings
  • Claim back VAT easily with UK Fuels’ clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices
  • Manage your account online via the market leading Velocity system
  • Plan your journeys online via e-route, accessible through our Smartphone app or download the content straight to your SatNav
  • £300 minimum spend per month

The Network


The BP Fleet fuel card provides access to the largest branded motorway and A road network, with a total coverage of over 2,300 filling stations across the UK.

Fuel Pricing

Price Icon

With the BP Fleet fuel card, you pay ‘one price at every BP station’, no matter if it is an in town forecourt or a premium motorway service station. Weekly fixed pricing also means you can accurately predict fuel expenditure to keep on top of budgets, and with the BP Fleet fuel card you’ll typically see savings of up to three pence per litre on average UK pump prices, making it one of the most competitive fuel cards available.


Card Security

All fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen. The cards can also be allocated to specific drivers or vehicles and purchasing restrictions placed on each card to reduce the risk of misuse by company drivers.

Plus, with Velocity account management, fleet managers can quickly identify unusual or suspicious purchases and take appropriate action.


Invoice Icon

Even with dual fuel cards, keeping on top of fuel spend is easy. All transactions are listed on a single invoice reducing administration and eliminating the need to gather fuel receipts. Our invoices are also HMRC-approved, so claiming back fuel VAT is quick and simple.

If you need more detail, our transaction reports can provide it. Whether you’d like to see purchases grouped by driver, vehicle or card, our online reporting means all it takes is the click of a button.


ReportingUK Fuels’ online account management tool, Velocity, comes as standard with all its cards, including the BP Fleet fuel card. Discover how it can make fleet management a faster and simpler process here.

Map Options

MappingWith unlimited access to our e-route site locator, your drivers are never far away from somewhere to fill up. Find out more here.