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Shell CRT fuel card

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Keeping your fleet on the road

If you need a fuel card that gives you competitive diesel prices, the Shell CRT fuel card is the ideal option for you. Whether your fleet comprises cars, vans, coaches or HGVs, the Shell CRT fuel card gives you access to a range of fuel stations across the UK, with over 400 specifically designed to cater for HGV’s.

Beyond network size, the Shell CRT fuel card provides you with access to the scientifically-developed Fuelsave Diesel at no extra cost, meaning lower fuel bills and longer-lasting engines.

The Shell CRT fuel card, at a glance

  • Access over 1,000 conveniently located Shell stations including over 50% of the UK motorway service areas
  • Enjoy competitive weekly fixed prices across the network
  • Claim back VAT easily with UK Fuels’ clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices
  • Manage your account online via the market-leading Velocity system
  • Plan your journeys online via e-route, accessible through our Smartphone app or download the content straight to your SatNav

The network

Shell cards network-iconThe Shell CRT fuel card provides access to a primary network of over 400 Shell HGV filling stations, all located on major trunk roads and ideal for fleets travelling across the country.

On top of this, we’ll give you access to a further 600 Shell stations, ensuring you have the best of both worlds in terms of quality and network coverage.

Fuel pricing

Shell cards Price Icon

With a Shell CRT fuel card, diesel prices are fixed at competitive weekly rates across the network with the lowest prices available at the primary stations, ensuring significant savings and greater stability in projecting fuel costs.

If your drivers require access to petrol you can set this up. Petrol transactions are charged at Shell’s national average pump price, avoiding regional fluctuations.


Shell Card Security

All fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen. The cards can also be allocated to specific drivers or vehicles and purchasing restrictions placed on each card to reduce the risk of misuse by company drivers.

Plus, with Velocity account management, fleet managers can quickly identify unusual or suspicious purchases and take appropriate action.


Shell Cards Invoice Icon

Keeping on top of fuel spend is easy. All transactions are listed on a single invoice reducing administration and eliminating the need to gather fuel receipts. Our invoices are also HMRC approved, so claiming back fuel VAT is quick and simple.

If you need more detail, our transaction reports can provide it. Whether you’d like to see purchases grouped by driver, vehicle or card, our online reporting means all it takes is the click of a button.


Shell Cards Reporting

UK Fuels’ online account management tool, Velocity, comes as standard with all its cards, including the Shell CRT fuel card. Discover how it can make fleet management a faster and simpler process.

Map options

Shell card Mapping

You can access the entire Shell CRT network through our e-route site locator. Available on desktop, mobile, or as a download to your SatNav, you and your drivers will always know the location of the nearest site on your network. You will also be provided with full details of the site, including all facilities available to your drivers.

Fuelsave Diesel

Shell’s scientifically-developed Fuelsave Diesel can help reduce fuel spend through improved fuel efficiency and keeping vehicle engines in peak condition.

With a Shell CRT fuel card, you can use Fuelsave Diesel at no additional cost. It’s formulated to combust faster and more efficiently, so you get more mileage out of every drop:

  • Formulated for optimum fuel economy
  • Lubricates inside the engine to improve efficiency
  • Helps protect against the build up of deposits which can reduce engine efficiency
  • Designed to burn and ignite more effectively, helping to produce more efficient combustion in your engine